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Warning the relevant people in the case that values exceed the determined criteria in the locations in which temperature and humidity values should be controlled regularly,
Reporting statistically in the appropriate format (excel,pdf, etc.) the retroactive temperature and humidity values in the basis of date, time and location,
The real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity values of the relevant locations from stations such as mobile phone, computer etc. via monitoring system through the internet,
Generating instant alarms,
Administrating several locations under a single administration via user management,
With the TH-SENS, it is intended to help keep initially the human health and other livings in general by advancing the quality managements and to make saving about production, planning and energy.

The TH-SENS Temperature and Humidity Tracking System can be used in all environments where changing temperature and humidity values have significant influences, such as vaccine, medicine, blood refrigerators, intensive care and neonatal services.

It provides a continuous monitoring and control of any kind of cold chain product such as vaccine and medicine in environments like hospitals, health centers, laboratories, pharmacies and blood centers.

With the temperature and humidity values monitoring:

The annihilation of the putrid vaccines and medicine will be prevented by controlling the rooms and refrigerators which are insufficient, do not work regularly,
The monitoring and controlling will be possible even at out-of-working hours,
Energy and labor saving will be enabled,
In the event of power cut with the activation of the warning system, carrying out the required emergency action plan will be enabled,,
And retroactive reporting will be possible.

With TH-SENS, it will be possible to minimize the negative influences of the changing temperature and humidity values via monitoring the temperature and the humidity values concurrently. Failing to adapt the cold chain, the increase of diseases which can be prevented by vaccination, the loss of affectivity in some treatments, the annihilation of vaccine and medicine will be prevented.

With TH-SENS, the temperature and humidity values are under your control with RFID & GPRS technologies..

Do you want to get rid of the cables and to be able to change the place of the system you set-up?
Is temperature and humidity control very important for you?
Are you unable to control the temperature and humidity in your locations?
Do you want a retroactive report of the temperature and humidity values?
Do you wish to be informed about power cuts?
If you say "yes" to all these questions, for you TH-SENS is an ideal solution..

In TH-SENS there is no cable between the sensor and the reader.
You can place the wireless sensors in any location you want, can change their places, can be informed about real-time temperature and humidity and power cut.
In the case that temperature humidity values exceed the determined criteria relevant people are warned.
You can have statistical, retroactive report in the basis of date, time, and location.
You can generate instant alarms.
With the user management, you can control several locations just with a single administrator.
All you need to do is; placing the TH-SENS Sensor Tag to a location you want and plugging in the TH-SENS Reader...

Ayra, does not only offer a solution from theft also fire, emergency, health care, leakage, panic situations. Including special solutions with 5 Protection Package. In emergency situations, signal calls to the center and 7/24 working Alarm Center provides rapid on-site intervention.
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