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Telemetry Solutions
Briefly, it means performing remote measurement.

Instant transmission of the data gathered from one point (temperature, heat, countermeasure, pressure) and recording.

Model Applications;
They are used for the solutions for remote transfer of countermeasure, reporting and transmission of instruction to counters, during which municipalities or marketing companies do measurement with electricity, water, natural gas or counters. In such applications, labor is saved and failures of control mechanism are repaired.
For example; only one employee with only one button can read electrical counters monthly-consume values and invoice them by remote measurement. That is helpful for labor cost and accessing counters values need to be read per counter.

Reporting; your telemetry data is preserved in Data Centers for your access at anytime and anywhere. Past reports is preserved with the details such as the name of authorized person, when he/she is informed about all data and emergency situation. This data is accessible with the help of peculiarly-developed web-based applications at anytime and anywhere.

Telemetry Application Areas
The possibility of remote monitoring, preserving, analyses, troubleshooting of predefined threshold values and response to them,
Remote measurement of values such as heat, temperature, pressure and moisture,
Gauge of electric, petrol, gas, water or natural gas pipelines, counter, drinking water, wastewater treatment plant,
Remote gauge and controlling of radio and television transmitters, telecommunication and satellite dish
Remote transfer and gauge of patient to health centers where the data is monitored all the time such as EKG, pulsation, blood pressure etc.
Gauge and fast transfer of stock and cash level in bank ATMs, their security.
Gauge of information of shopping malls, stores and private property, and wireless transfer of those information to required point.
For scientific studies, transfer of the data gauged from various points in air or in earth to required centers.

Sectors where Remote Telemetry Gauge System can be used;

Energy-Generating, Transmission and Marketing Companies
Electrics, Water, Natural Gas Consumers
Organized Industrial Zone
Institutions (Municipalities, Government Offices, Police and Security Units etc.)
Research Institutions
System Integrators
Industry (Logistic, FMCG, Automotive etc.)
Farms, Agricultural Production Areas etc.
Transportation Sector (Turkish State Railways, Subway, Travel Agencies etc.)
Healthcare Organizations

Device Control with SMS

It is based on the M2M (Machine 2 Machine) technology. The difference is that a special module is installed on device or machine which has double way communication of GSM technologies; and the system is completed with special software.

How does the System Work?

All process will be controlled during the functioning of machine and the module installed on machine (generator, escalator, water pump etc.) or device that will have control. If there becomes a failure during functioning of machine or any changes in the normal values, the module sends message automatically to the person defined as authorized. The name defined the machine, failure or situation is reported with this message. Authorized person will be informed about the situation with the code he receives; and he will send SMS for module to provide required process (resetting, stopping etc.). Moreover, authorized person can be informed about the situation of machine in system when there is a failure or not.

Smart Building Application

Smart building is functioning of various systems by controlling from only one center. These systems are HVAC (Conditioning, Heating), security, access entrance and exit, lighting, automatic blind, sound and video, CCTV, fire detection systems. Smart Building technology provides remote controlling, savings, comfort and safety.

Counter Reading

MT-310 Smart GPRS Station is the only field device you need for reading electrical counter. It works automatically without requiring any controlling.

Ayra, does not only offer a solution from theft also fire, emergency, health care, leakage, panic situations. Including special solutions with 5 Protection Package. In emergency situations, signal calls to the center and 7/24 working Alarm Center provides rapid on-site intervention.
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