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The usage of security systems has become a necessity in this day and age, where the robbery events are increasing. In order to be able to designate to which extend the alarm system, monitor system or fire warning system, which you are thinking to buy to provide the security of your life and property, will provide you security, all of the montage, training and technical support services starting with the investigation of the place that the security system will be set up, should be considered.

In addition to this, the products that will be used in the system should be professional in their own field. As Ayra Security Systems, we choose the most durable, the best products for you.

You will not regret working with us...

Alarm Panel : A security system starts with alarm panel. Alarm panel is the brain of the security system and works like central computer. It has cabled and wireless models. Several detectors from specific places in your house are connected to the alarm panel. If your security system is set up and if the detectors detect any kind of problem, they send a signal to the alarm panel. Then, alarm panel calls the alarm center automatically and enables the situation to be reported.
Code Panel : The product, in which all the operations related to the alarm system can be done (activating/ deactivating the alarm, programming, ciphering etc.). LCD and LED models are available.
Motion Detector : Detector, which can detect the motion of a radiant living being with a certain volume. When there is any kind of notion in the protected place, the detectors detect that and transfer the alarm data to the panel. Pet-friendly detection models are available, which are designed to be used in pet-having houses.
Magnetic Contact : A product attached to moving objects such as door, sliding door, window etc. It activates the alarm system in the case of unauthorized opening of the attached object, i.e. when the connection is diverged 3 cm.
Panic Button : In case of emergency, it gives the alarm when pressed “manually”. In case of “panic button usage” SIGNAL IS SENT DIRECTLY TO Ayra ALARM CENTER.
Gas Detector : EVEN IF THE ALARM SYSTEM IS SET UP OR NOT it CONTROLS the gas leakage in the atmosphere FOR 24 HOURS. IN CASE OF DETECTIN ANY GAS LEAKGE it activates the alarm system (unburned gases such as natural gas, LPG).
Smoke Detector : EVEN IF THE ALARM SYSTEM IS SET UP OR NOT it CONTOLS the smoke density in the atmosphere FOR 24 HOURS. IN CASE OF DETECTIN SMOKE DENSITY it activates the alarm system.
Siren : It warns people around by making a high sound at state of alert. Internal and external models are available. Placing the external model outside, to a visible place will increase deterrence. In case of cable is cut, an attempt to remove it from the place it is mounted, an attempt to uncap it or other kinds of sabotage its existing battery becomes active and it continues working.
Beam Dedector : It is generally used at places about which one would want to be informed such as factory, indoor area, storehouse, garden border, airport or other off-door entrances. They are detectors which are 2, 4.6.8 rayed, can detect from 30 to 1500 meters distance and act as a fence by sending out electronic beams.
Carbon Monoxide Detector : With the Japan Figaro sensor add-in, the gas and CO detector can signal of 70-db. The super-quality gas detector can detect smoke and toxic gas.
Flowage Detector : The flowage detector, that is mounted to your already existing Ayra Alarm System at your place or that is mounted together with the new Ayra Alarm System you are going to buy, detects a possible flooding and activates the Ayra Alarm System.
Glass-Breakage Detector : This detector detects glass-breakage, cutting or any dash to the glass and activates the alarm system.
Window Barrier : Detectors used at outdoor places such as windows, building doors. They detect when the beams between two detectors are cut out and activates the alarm system.
Ayra, does not only offer a solution from theft also fire, emergency, health care, leakage, panic situations. Including special solutions with 5 Protection Package. In emergency situations, signal calls to the center and 7/24 working Alarm Center provides rapid on-site intervention.
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