Ayra Security Cyprus - About Us, Who We Are

The Ayra Security and Defense Systems were founded on 22 May 2002 in Nicosia, the capital city of Northern Cyprus. AYRA has become a leader in the electronic security sector on the island since that day. Our biggest difference among the security companies is that we corporate with the Pronet Security, which has an Alarm Tracking Center and about 130.000 subscribers and we are the only company that produces with its own brand. We guarantee to protect our clients under our brand with most suitable and qualified prices by using the advanced technological tools.

The person who wants to be active about his security need and to be different has always been preferred by the companies due to AYRA's perfectionistic working principle. That is, he has been always PREFERRED BY THE CONCUSIOUS people. Finding client-focused solutions and using the resources in favor of the client are sine qua non in this sector.

In this sense, AYRA works with a professional understanding and ground on customer satisfaction and improves itself for more reliable, qualified and different security solutions day by day.

The Ayra Security is an expert on the integration of electronic security system solutions and their individual security staff members.

The Ayra Security, which produces solutions with the principle 'protection without disturbing', is ready to give an answer to the problems of its clients 7 days and 24 hours with its dynamic and delicate service understanding.

Ayra, does not only offer a solution from theft also fire, emergency, health care, leakage, panic situations. Including special solutions with 5 Protection Package. In emergency situations, signal calls to the center and 7/24 working Alarm Center provides rapid on-site intervention.
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