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Bin the simplest term, diaphone systems are the systems that transmit the image of person automatically to the monitor in your house or workplace when doorbell rings; and with this transmission you are able to have voice communication with the person or open the door. Moreover, they have additional features; e.g. enabling direct communication with doorkeeper, videos or images of other cameras in building.

Video Intercom (Video Diaphone System) is becoming more common due to our safety in buildings and workplaces.

You will take the initiative to provide your safety by using Video Door Telephone (Video Diaphone System). It helps you to keep unknown people away even before they enter in your house.

The quality of cable is quite important during the process of system installation. In building applications, you are able to communicate with both visitors on door and door keeper.

Video Telephone System provides you with much better safety about the identity of people on door than voice diaphone system.

The application areas of Video Door Telephone are villas, buildings, offices where safety has importance while entering. If required, you are able to see the door by pressing the monitor button.

If you are not in the house, monitor, which starts to function by door ring, is turned off automatically after 30 seconds.


WSS is used for the entrance security of houses and offices. Audible and video choices are available. The intercom and video intercom systems, which serve a variety of wellness centers ranging from small house to big Condominium, are designed considering the operation scenario the customers demand and the risk analysis that our company engineers detect. WSS carries out the optimum device configuration it prepared through turn-key solutions.

In the places where they are going to provide entrance security the Intercom and Video Intercom Systems can be used as set, but they are generally used at the entries of the places and the nature and number of the people in the place, the ones that will do the confirmation, affects the design of the system. The designs can vary depending on whether the infrastructure is analog or digital. According to the system configuration, the communication between the guest and host (at homes), the flat residents, gatekeeper and the guests (in apartments), the flat residents, security and guests (in building estates and condominiums) is designed depending on the options and budget.

Video-door-systems (video-door-telephones) consist of villa-type sets and apartment-type sets. In villas, there is a single bell-button with camera in the entry, inside however the number of video phone or video diaphone units depends on the userís wish. Video door telephones (video diaphones, video intercom) can also be used for each flat as 1 unit in apartments. Flats can connect with each other, if they want.

Ayra, does not only offer a solution from theft also fire, emergency, health care, leakage, panic situations. Including special solutions with 5 Protection Package. In emergency situations, signal calls to the center and 7/24 working Alarm Center provides rapid on-site intervention.
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