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In Security systems fiber optic of cabling is done to needed points.Fiber cabling are used at this point with environmental security CCTV camera systems . As we know, the security camera image can be transported In the camera system with coaxial cables over distances of up to 750 meters people say that coaxial cables can carries 1300-1400 m Unequivocally Even though people who say that cables can carries approximately 1300-1400, but this is completely baseless and erroneous solution. The tests and seen applications are indicated that the farthest distance is with RG11-U6 coaxial cable 750 meters for operation of the system proper and a long time.

Well how to move the camera images upon the 750 meters?
The answer is actually 2 types. the first way,camera images to move to the center with Wireless system. With this method, images from the cameras by using the Wireless Access Point moved camera images over long distances.

In today's technology, wireless image transfer from the healthy working full meaning full yet. Furthermore, unless there is hard to image transmission are not often used due to some drawbacks.We will talk about articles of this issue in more detail in future. Another way to transfer images in a distant that to move the image with fiber optic cables. some of the methods are used to transport the image. Boards are made in the field collecting with coaxial cables 4-8 cameras collectively. this board is moved to clipboard. fiber terminations in collection and active devices are connected. From here the image signals carried over fiber cables to Security cameras monitor displays up to room. When the security room where the termination of fiber optic cables are connected to active devices. active devices to hold the device through the coaxial cables connected to or register with the image monitor. And thus the distance is then carried away from the camera view.

Another method used here is in the collection panel. Each camera located in a small panel on the end of each camera pole. Followed by terminating the image on the camera itself is moved to the center of each security. Difference in the system than in the previous line of this method because of the difficulty and cost of labor is more.The second method is less than the image signal attenuation . This is the biggest advantage.

Ayra, does not only offer a solution from theft also fire, emergency, health care, leakage, panic situations. Including special solutions with 5 Protection Package. In emergency situations, signal calls to the center and 7/24 working Alarm Center provides rapid on-site intervention.
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